Agusta Yr

Being a young artist these days is definitely interesting. With social media being the main platform, you are able to be in a really close relationship with a lot of them. In New York you can find up and coming artists everywhere. One of them is Agusta Yr. Growing up in Miami and Iceland, she’s been living in New York for few years now. She studies photography at SVA and her artwork is quite unique. She doesn’t just stand behind the camera, she gets in the front of it and uses herself as the subject. Feminism, beauty standards and sexuality. Check out her stuff, it’s cool as fu*k.

Tell us a little bit about how you would describe your art.

It´s all about me, me, me…… JK well for the most part, even though my work isn’t about me, I have been the main subject featured in my photographs, videos and gifs. I like to say my work is new media mixed with pop art and cyber feminism. The topics I have chosen to focus on the past few years have been standards of beauty in todays society, the idea of celebrity and most recently how sex, sexuality & desire have changed in the sex filled world we live in, where most things don’t actually result in sex.
I’m also apart of a directing duo called DA Video Club, we make new media fashion videos that aim to transcend the viewer to another world. (

Do you get inspiration from somewhere particularly?

Inspirations were hard for me to define when I was younger because I felt that inspiration had to come from an art context only but I have realized that most of my inspiration doesn’t come from art. It comes from a mixture of a bunch of random places, people and things. Most of it has to do with my surroundings now and growing up in Miami and Iceland, pop culture, social media and to name some people Andy Warhol and Trisha Paytas.

You think living in New York is a good place for young, up and coming artists?

Yes absolutely, but its not to say it’s the best. I would say any big international city is a good place for an artist to be. It opens up so many new doors and allows you to connect and grow with other young artists. New York City has been the right city for me now because it has helped me see the world in a more critical and enjoyable light. Also to be in the center of the art world is a huge plus not only because of opportunities but because there is always something new to see whether it’s a gallery opening, a new exhibit at a museum or a pop up art show. My advice to people who don’t live in a big city, is to use the internet as much as you can to connect with other young & old artist and to utilize social media to get your work out there.

Future plans?

Thinking about the future is one of the most exciting yet terrifying things a person can do at least to me because I tend to overthink the good and the bad. On that note I try to stay positive and think of all of the great things I want to accomplish. I plan on staying in New York (but who knows what will happen) to make a living as an artist and a director.