The Ladies of Secret Solstice- Steinunn from AmabAdamA and Reykjavíkurdætur

Steinunn, the lady with the smile that you can´t get enough of is a part of Iceland´s favourite bands AmabAdamA and Reykjavíkurdætur. Her presence is filled with kindness and we laugh about when we practised jazz ballet together when we were 10 without saying a word to each other and of course we did the Solstice talk.

What is the best thing about being a musician from Iceland?

For me its that I’ve had the opportunity to travel and play in different parts of the country and abroad. Its perfect.

Which female artists were you inspired by growing up? 

I grew up in the era of girlbands and pop princesses! I was like six when the Spice Girls where at the top of their game and I loved them.. Then there were Destinys Child, Lauryn Hill, Ciara, Britney, Missy Elliot and JLo.

Your biggest influences in writing music?

My boyfriend, who sings with me in Amabadama, is like my mentor when it comes to songwriting.. He has been making music for so long and has such a good sense for it. We are both really inspired by classic roots reggae, the lyrics are so simple but yet so meaningful. Other than that I think that growing up singing in a choir has  influenced me a lot. There I got to learn all these different kind of music from all over the world.

What advice can you give young ladies forming bands today? 

If you wanna do it DO IT! You won’t be perfect the first time you play, but with every gig you get better! Also a good thing my bandmate tought me once is to not expect anything from your audience. Go on stage to give, not to receive!

Any gigs at Secret Solstice that you would love to see? 

I was a huge Radiohead fan when I was younger so I would love to see them. Also General Levy, Die Antwoord, Lady Leshurr and Lefty Hooks.. And so many more! The lineup is da bomb!

Any advice for Secret Solstice goers?

Don’t buy bottled water. Its just overprized tab water. Respect the mothership.. and yeee go swimming.. And come see me with AmabAdamA and Reykjavíkurdætur!


Photos taken by Rakel Mjöll Leifsdóttir for Bast Magazine.

Catch Steinunn perform at Secret Solstice here: