Coffee, cigarettes, Justin Bieber and Jørck

The creative duo Jørck recently released a new album named Black Sun. The two magic minds behind Jørck, Trine og Torben met at a bar in Copenhagen in 2010, they teamed up, discovered that they could make music, and the rest is history.

Bast magazine met with Jørck and asked them a few questions about their new album, coffee, cigarettes and Justin Bieber.

Don’t forget to check out the photos above shot exclusively for Bast by Sofie Barfoed.

First of all congrats with your new album Black Sun. Can you tell me all about your new album?

Thank you! We probably can’t tell you all about it, but if we should try to describe it in few words we would call it atmospheric, cinematic, dreamy and melancholic. We have tried to capture the feel of being next to what we normally grasp as reality, and at the same time feeling really present and alive. The album is a long transcending soundscape. We are really proud of the album and the beautiful melancholy that we think it radiates.

What is the main theme and inspiration?

The songs on the album reflects the human eclipse as a result from a breach. The songs circulate around the feeling of loosing your identity and thereby the framework for your way of acting, thinking and perceiving yourself. When this framework fractures, the world around you can seem distant and strange. At the same time you see yourself facing a rare clear-sightedness and a will to find meaning. It is a state of mind, where everything has been pushed to the extreme; where you feel invincible the one moment and frail and flimsy the next.

How did Jørck start and when did you first meet each other?

We actually met in the basement of a bar named Drone during Copenhagen Distortion Festival in 2010. In the fall of 2010 Trine moved to New York, and when she came home to Copenhagen with a bag full of songs, JØRCK was founded as a musical project. In the beginning it was based on Trines song, but over time the project evolved into the duo-project that it is today. The new album is a result of more than 5-years musical collaboration and we really feel like we have developed a unique musical language and sound together, which will be fun to develop even further in future records.

How is it to work as a musician in Copenhagen, is it a good place or would you rather be somewhere else?

In many ways Copenhagen is an amazing city to be a musician in. We know a lot of talented musicians who have been both supportive and inspiring. We have a great network within the music scene, and we are all helping each other out. So in that way the music scene here is flourishing. On the other hand, Copenhagen and Denmark is really small, and sometimes you get the feeling that everything sounds the same. We sometimes miss more diversity and room for accepting a broader range of musical expressions, and the city lack venues, who will take chances in booking smaller acts. More reviewers have said about our music that it has a very international appeal, so we are looking forward to explore new musical territories in the future.

Can you tell our readers about the photo shoot you did together with Sofie Barfoed for Bast magazine?

Sure! We did this photo shoot with our good friend Sofie Barfoed. The idea behind the shoot was to visually show the contrast between our music universe then and now in colors. I know this might sounds strange to some, but for us sound and vision has a really strong mutual connection and if we should describe our musical development it would be a transition from a more black and white based sound to a more colorful, in particularly red, vibe. The feelings expressed on the new album have this dreamy dusty red mystical side to it, and we have been working around the color red in all of our artwork around the music. Also, Nicolai Bejder, who did the artwork for our cover, said, that he thought of red, when he listened to our music – and that was without us telling him about our own perception. Anyhow, we wanted to show this musical transition visually, which this photo shoot is the result of. Also we feel like our entire musical as well as visual expressions come from subtle impressions of our surroundings. It has been fun to see how the color red and stronger colors in general seems to have gained ground in also other cultural worlds. Just look at fashion designers as GUCCI, Saks Potts, Balmain and their new collections where you find green and red. Just like in our cover and artwork.

Whats up next on your calendar? 

Right now we are spending a lot of time rehearsing for some different gigs we have during the spring. Keep an eye on our website and facebook´page for more tourdates, which will be revealed very soon. We are also planning on doing some more videos and we will release another single around the beginning of May. We also already have a lot of new ideas for a new record and cannot wait to begin a new creative journey.

5 quick questions 

Justin Bieber or Kendrick Lamar?

To be honest we don’t know a single track with neither of them, but we would probably be more willing to give Kendrick Lamar a chance than Justin Bieber.

Coffee or Cigarettes?

These questions are tough. Torben would probably go for cigarettes and Trine for coffee.

All time favourite tune?

Not sure this question can be answered. But the first that comes to mind right now is Lover You Should Have Come Over by Jeff Buckley. This is a track that we have both been listening to a lot. But if you ask us in an hour the answer will probably be another.

Wine and dine in Copenhagen?

Beau Marché or Gorms. There are so many other good places, but when we can’t decide where to go, these are our safe choices. Trine has been working on Beau Marché since she moved to Copenhagen, and it literally feels like coming home. Gorms is just around the corner, and we do have a weakness for Pizza.

Which song would you never sing in karaoke?

Life on Mars with David Bowie – it would be blasphemous.

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