The Ladies of Secret Solstice- Ása from Mammút

Mammút has always been one of my favourite Icelandic band. Their sound is extremely unique yet so catchy. There are three badass ladies in the band and we managed to meet up with the coolcat Ása, the baseplayer and of course did the Solstice talk.


What is the best thing about being a musician from Iceland?

The closeness between local musicians is probably the best thing. People play in many bands and projects, help one another out with backlines and open up for each other if a band needs to raise money for LPs, tours or whatever. Also, nobody starts a band in Iceland in order to make money. We don’t have giant labels, studios or well paid festivals, but still people find the urge and time between their day jobs or education to make music. I find that beautiful.

Which female artists were you inspired by growing up?

As a kid and a teenager, there were slim pickings of female idols playing bass or guitar. Especially pre world wide web. My idols were mostly some sweaty old men like Thin Lizzy’s Phil Lynott, Nirvana, Kiss and Iggy Pop. But growing into my adolescence i fell for female artists like PJ Harvey and Kate Bush who both had a huge impact in my way of understanding the playground of making a song.

Your biggest influences in writing music?

My band members. We only know one weird way of writing songs, since we were teenagers, and we’ve stuck to it. Writing music takes patience and hard work, especially in a group of five people, without them I’d only write dramatic piano pieces.

What advice can you give young ladies forming bands today?

Your gender doesn’t matter, just do whatever you like, follow sounds and visions you like, and spend shitloads of time working on what in your heart seems and sounds right. What comes out will eventually make its way to other hearts if that’s what you want to achieve. Say no to assholes. And don’t take all the weird drugs.

Any gigs at Secret Solstice that you would love to see?

The 14 year old me is gonna see Deftones and cry throughout the whole set.

Any advice for Secret Solstice goers?

No. See you there.


Photos taken by Rakel Mjöll Leifsdóttir for Bast Magazine.

Catch Ása perform at Secret Solstice here: