FASHION AS ART – Transcendance by Hildur Yeoman

Reykjavík-based fashion designer and illustrator Hildur Yeoman took part in Reykjavik Arts Festival last friday with her exhibition Transcendence. Yeoman has become known for combining design and visual art in her masterful work. She creates her own world of beauty and Transcendence was no exception. The installation featured design mixed with video art, music, photography and performance art to interpret the state of mind that exists in the space between waking and sleeping. Yeoman collaborated with a team of some of Iceland’s most renowned artists to achieve her vision. The result was a powerful experience for visitors of the exhibition.

  “There is a place on the boundaries between consciousness and unconsciousness –between waking and sleeping. This place is home to hallucinations and nightmares, but also the dwelling place of sweet dreams and tranquility. It is a fascinating place with a tendency to lure us in and become a desirable place to stay. Transcendence works with the boundaries between dreaming and sleeping, embarking on a journey into an otherworld which is both familiar and alien to man.” – Hildur Yeoman. 

The Transcendance collection will be available for purchase next fall. Yeoman has outdone herself yet again if you ask us. Take a look!



Photographer // Saga Sigurðardóttir

Visual artist // Daníel Björnsson

Video artist // Máni Sigfússon

Music // Samaris

Choreography // Valgerður Rúnarsdóttir