The Slutwalk

On Saturday the 23rd of July the annual Slutwalk will take its place at 2pm from Hallgrímskirkja, Reykjavík. And in the evening the oh so popular karaoke team Ásdís and Alex will be hosting a Slutwalk theme party! I met up with the karaoke A-Team and talked about this amazing day as Ásdís is one of the Slutwalk planner.

Ásdís tell me about the Slutwalk, what is it representing?

The Slutwalk is about standing up against sexual violence. The slutwalk is about being able to dress and act in the way you want without being harrased or violated.

If you want to participate in the walk where are you supposed to go?

The walk starts at 2pm from Hallgrímskirkja and we will walk down to Austurvöllur where there will be speeches and music! But try to come early to buy merch, make a sign and listen to DJ Magga Maack and Lóa Hlín who are playing from 1pm!

I love the Slutwalk merch, where can you buy it?

Thank you, me to! The merch was designed by Helga Dögg Ólafsdóttir and Gréta Þorkelsdóttir as it has been for the last three years. You can buy it at and at the store Húrra but we will also have all of the merchandise available at Hallgrímskirkja before the walk on Saturday.

So the perfect Saturday would be participating in the Slutwalk and then end your night at Prikið at the Slutwalk theme karaoke singing empowering songs, Alex what can we expect? 

First of all, I encourage everyone to support the cause by attending the Slutwalk if you are in Reykjavík on Saturday. However, regarding the karaoke at Prikið – you can expect an amazing kick off for the night, that is if you are going out. Prikið is always packed and by the looks of our previous karaoke nights, every one is having a good time. I do believe and hope that this will be the craziest karaoke night and that we can all make this night unforgettable. A Slutwalk karaoke is basically just like any other karaoke that we host, only this time we will devote the evening to the Slutwalk and its cause. We will be singing women empowering songs and hope that the crowd will do so as well.

Any advice for the sluts out there?

Ásdís: Don’t let anyone tell you that your body isn’t yours. It is just yours and you control everything about it. And see you Saturday!

Alex: Stay strong, never give up what you fight for, break the silence and let’s all unite and try to make the world a better place for future generations!

I strongly recommend attending the walk to make a statement and help people that have been sexually abused to step up and leave the shame at the abuser not the victim! See you there.