KRÍA- Duo Music Video Release

Iceland’s rising artist KRÍA just released a duo music video from her second EP, ALTAKA.

KRÍAs futurist soundscapes have landed her being booked as the first ever artist from Iceland to play at Singapores Grand Prix, now presenting a video game saga style video in collaboration with Icelandic digital artist Augusta Yr.

Check out the Aliens, Octopus and Balloons!

´´Parting is inspired by true events, I´m being Paris Hilton, it was very much improvised, I found the alien outfit in my room from a New Years Eve Party. So basically I´m escaping from the aliens. Parting is about death and escaping from the aliens which is the escapre from life, reality… to be continued´´. 

´´Pressure is about being reborn and free, in the video I´m travelling through different dimensions. At the end, you see that everything is controlled by the user, end of game ooooo the Illuminati´´.