Frauds premieres Suck Jobs

When Fraud’s original project split back in 2008 after a short lived record deal, whirlwind of shows and an LP in Austria ­it looked like the visceral punk spirit in Mike and Chris had died, giving way to reasonable IT recruitment consultation and a shimmy up the career ladder in HMV.

But inspired by the listening of a barrage of artists such as Nick Cave, Tom Waits, Sonic Youth and Fugazi ­they were led with barely concealable joy into the world of post­hardcore bands like Mclusky, Hot Snakes & Drive Like Jehu… The two­piece were soon touched with something golden, and reformed, rapidly making their way across the circuit in London and beyond, turning heads and taking names with their own particular brand of ear­battering, eye­gouging visceral punk n’ roll.

Frauds aim to create songs that are danceable or “head­noddable” with a fair amount of humour and venom ­as this, their first offering from forthcoming debut album ‘With Morning Toast & Jam & Juice’ shows. They revel in an almost primeval video, complete with head­shaving, clothes stripping and a backdrop straight out of a Tom Six horror film.

It’s angry, but it’s fun. It’s satirical, but it’s ridiculous. And there in lies the very pivotal element of Frauds ­merging everything that it takes for a band to be hyped in this million miles an hour industry, but subverting the form to make it that much more approachable and enjoyable.

The only thing you can be sure about, is that they’re heavy as fu**!

Who are Frauds?

We’re two guys from Croydon – a town south of London that most people only go near when they need to go to Ikea. We make noisey music – punky, post-hardcorey, etc. etc. and have been at it about 4 years. Our songs tend to be about a general distaste for something or someone – e.g. a particular person, lad behaviour, consumerism, soul-destroying work and so on. There’s an endless amount of things to bitch about but we try not to be too moany. We like to plant a fair amount of humour around the place and harvest some smiles.

Tell me about your new single Suck Jobs?

Suck Jobs is about lad behaviour on a stag party. Guys going away together and acting like knobheads in sheep-like fashion.

Do jobs suck?

Some do and some don’t. Sometimes the same job can suck and then not suck. And then go back to sucking. We’ve had 20+ jobs between us over the years. For me (Mike), life’s about making connections with others and most of the jobs I’ve done have led to meeting many people and making some long-lasting friends. Selling tomatoes on a market, working in shop, handing out free newspapers, demonstrating the Nintento Wii at PC World – its all good if you’re meeting some interesting people and making enough money to live.

Nick Cave or Tom Waits?

Outrageously difficult! Chris will disagree with me but I’m going to go for Tom Waits. Tom just about pips it for me because Rain Dogs is my favourite album and it introduced me to my favourite guitarist Marc Ribot. On a side note: I’ve sat near Nick Cave on the London to Brighton train a couple of times. He looked relaxed both times until he saw me. I think that’s because I had a guitar on me and he thought I’d want to speak to him so he covered his face. I think he hates me.

What does the future hold for Frauds?

We’re releasing the Suck Jobs video and single. Then we’ll follow it up with another video and then our full debut album. Apart from that, more gigs, more songs, more fun and more making new friends – always and forever.