The Gentlemen of Iceland Airwaves- Erling from Fufanu

Finally it´s happening! Only one month to go! And now it´s time for the Gentlemen of Iceland Airwaves. It´s the band that you cannot miss this year. It´s Fufanu!

They´re in the middle of making a new album and their first single Sports was recently released with an amazing music video. They´re the perfect mixture of Depeche Mode and Joy Division and always bring an amazing stage performance that will make your jaw drop. I met up with Erling with the good hair and of course we did the Airwaves talk!

What is the best thing about being a musician from Iceland?

It´s so cold outside most of the time in Iceland, so it gives you a great excuse just to stay inside all day and do your work.

How many shows is Fufanu playing at Iceland Airwaves?

We play one gig on the festival and one off venue.

Which artists were you inspired by when growing up? 

The Prodigy was my favourite band as a kid and when I heard their songs I always wanted to play drums. Also the band Mínus was the coolest and the best band in Iceland when I was starting, they inspired me so much and helped me a lot. If it wasn´t for Mínus I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t be doing this.

What bands will you be checking out at the festival? 

Im definitely going to see the Sonics, we play before them.

Have you gained that Airwaves feeling yet? 

Yes I´m excited about it. We are focusing on a lot of things at the moment, we have shows in London and Seattle before Airwaves, so I have a lot of rad feelings right now.

Any Iceland Airwaves advice for the people out there? 

Yeah just have as much fun as you can, stay open minded for new bands and dress right, it´s gonna be cold outside and sweaty inside.

Pictures by Rakel Unnur Thorlacius for Bast Magazine. 

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