The Gentlemen of Iceland Airwaves- Sturla from Sturla Atlas

Representing 101 Reykjavík, the Hip Hop & RnB artist Sturla Atlas will be stepping on stage at Iceland Airwaves this year. From the releasing of his debut mixtape, Love Hurts in 2015 a mark had been made on the Icelandic music scene. He´s kept that mark with the release of good tunes one after another. With his relaxed style and catchy melodies Sturla Atlas is something that can´t be missed at Airwaves this year.

What is the best thing about being a musician from Iceland?

Good access to gigs and collaborations.

How many shows is Sturla Atlas playing at Iceland Airwaves? 

Four, including the off venues.

Which artists were you inspired by when growing up? 

Anton Newcombe and Kurt Cobain

What bands will you be checking out at the festival? 

It’s busy times but hopefully many. Definitely looking forward to seeing Unge Ferrari, Emil Stabil, Silvana Imam and The Internet.

Have you gained that Airwaves feeling yet? 

For sure, it comes with the October rain.

Any Iceland Airwaves advice for the people out there? 

See as many concerts as you can & party!

Pictures by Rakel Unnur Thorlacius for Bast Magazine.

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