Post Airwaves- The Talk with CHINAH

It´s the Post Airwaves Talk with CHINAH. A band that I´ve been excited about since the beginning of the year. They´ve got this soothing melodies that get stuck in your brain. Not the bad, annoying tunes that get stuck- but the nice ones that you want to sing all day. Seeing a band live that you´ve been listening to is always my favourite. They did not disappoint Airwaves and definitely won´t disappoint the future.

Was this the first time you performed at Iceland Airwaves? 


And how did it go? 

The show went very well. We partied way to hard the night before our show, but the Icelandic audience managed to give us the energy we didn´t knew we had for the show.

Any other performances you managed to check out? 

We didn´t have enough time to check out all the artists we wanted to, but we did catch a glimpse of Hermigervill who never seem do disappoint with his live performances. We also walked by a random Irish pub that had some pimpy tunes playing, kinda sounding like a minimal version of Prince as a part of Twin Peaks setting. We had to check it out and that was a very nice Airwaves experience. We never got the name of the band though.

Your favourite Icelandic band/artist of all time? 

Tough to choose between Sigur Rós and Björk.

Tell me about the music scene in Copenhagen?

It´s hard to tell because we aren´t familiar with other music scenes than the scene of Copenhagen. The music scene in Copenhagen is very small, so everyone know each other, but still it doesn´t seem like that many people play music together, compared to the Icelandic scene. However there are some really interesting things happening in the scene at the moment with bands like Smerz.

Beyonce or Rihanna? 

We´ve been very inspired by both artists, but at the moment we are more into Rihanna especially because of Anti.

David Bowie or Prince? 


Last but definitely not the least- what does the future hold for CHINAH? 

In 2017 we will try as much as possible to put our focus outside the Danish borders. In the beginning of the year we will release an EP. Who knows, maybe we´ll drop an album at some point.

Picture by Rakel Unnur Thorlacius for Bast Magazine.