Post Airwaves- The Talk with East Of My Youth

It´s one of my favourite Icelandic bands at the moment. It´s East Of My Youth! How amazing these two ladies are! I´m absolutely in love with their tunes. They just seem to keep getting better and better. They are a must, to have as a part of life, whether it´s listening to them or have witnessed them perform! I met up with the lovely ladies and we manage to do a little Post Airwaves Talk. 

Was this the first time you performed at Iceland Airwaves?

Well no, actually this was our third time. But our first Airwaves concert was also our very first concert ever! A bit crazy to prepare since we only had one song when we got accepted to play our first Airwaves. But all went well and we performed four whole songs in the end! Hehe.

And how did it go?

This year’s Airwaves was amazing! We did eight gigs in five days and I we had a very unexpected group of followers that nearly came to every gig we played. So we really felt like we had our very own EOMY family supporting us! We couldn’t feel anything else but honoured.

Any other performances you managed to check out?

Thelma: It was hard to manage to see much but seeing Kate Tempest was definitely an unexpected highlight of the festival since I had never seen or listened to her. It also made me really proud to witness my friend’s performances like Ayia and Tófa, they are just crazy cool people doing great things.

Herdís: I didn’t see a lot this year but caught Kate Tempest at Gamla Bíó, she was great. Also loved Conner Youngblood, Ayia and Tófa!

Your favourite Icelandic band/artist of all time?

Thelma: Wow, of all time? Helgi Björns? Hehe, well I do love more than a few songs with him but I probably have to say Björk and Sigur Rós – as typical as that sounds. Both had such an impact on me when I was a teenager in my most vulnerable state. I’m grateful for what their music gave me.

Herdís: As a teenager I discovered Trúbrot and Purrkur Pillnikk which I listened a lot to, both great bands. Björk and Sigur Rós are also fantastic and oh so many more….

Tell me about the music scene in Reykjavik?

The Icelandic music scene somehow feels smaller than before. I guess that’s just because I’m older and now being part of it makes it very personal and sweet. It’s really strong like always. Icelanders never cease to be creative and to be competitive with the international music scene. I’m amazed by so many people here. The quality standard in Icelandic music is truly inspiring.

Beyonce or Rihanna?

Thelma: Rihanna! I really like some of the songs of her new album ANTI. It feels like she’s not trying to push her music somewhere specific. She’s rather letting it come naturally and be the way she feels good about it. Something honest and straightforward about it. But I do respect Beyonce for her power and I enjoy Lemonade more than her other albums. Something juicy to be found there.

Herdís: Solange!

Skittles or M&M?

Thelma: M&M! Chocolate all the way!

Herdís: M&M, Skittles is probably my least favourite candy of all time.

David Bowie or Prince?

Thelma: Bowie, of course! After his death I watched tons of documentaries about him and dove a bit into his music and what an endless source of creativity and ‘just do it’ attitude, my god! He’s a true inspiration!

Herdís: Bowie all the way.

Last but definitely not the least- what does the future hold for EAST OF MY YOUTH?

Someone once said the future lies to the East. We’re constantly moving and things are definitely happening and our album is soon finally out. We’ll break through with that little beauty one way or the other.

Pictures by Rakel Unnur Thorlacius for Bast Magazine.