Icelandic designer and power women Hildur Yeoman recently released her new collection Transcendence.  Hildur Yeoman is known for her amazing and wearable designs and she surely knows how to mix together colours and patterns. Bast magazine got the chance to ask the busy bee a few questions about her new collection, champagne and where to hang out in Reykjavik were she lives.

Tell us about the theme and inspiration behind your new collection Transcendence. 

It´s the place you visit between consciousness and the subconscious.

That place when you close your eyes and are drifting into the dreamland. For me fashion is more then just clothes, there has to be a story and I always create some kind of utopian place, a dreamworld for each collection.

I have been working a lot with herbal potions, my friend is a sorcerer and she helped me to make some potions from Icelandic plants that I interpret into print, for example the love spell and the power spell. This time around we made the dream spell.

Can you describe the process from when you get the idea until a complete garment.

For me I start with the theme, the world I´m working on for each collection and then I go to the sketchbook. Most of my garments start with a drawing and finding the right print/fabric. I work with amazing tailors that help me to make the patterns. Then there is fitting, that’s when I have my friends to come over to try it on and see if it works and also how they would wear it. I love that part it´s so much fun.

You always manage to top yourself every season, are you never afraid that one day you will wake up and not being creative anymore (I guess, everyone’s creative worst nightmare.) 

I have never really thought of it that way. I have been making drawings and stories since I was a kid, it´s just part of my eating, sleeping, creating routine. If I wouldn’t I would go mad I think.

Do you have a favourite style from the collection?

There are many favourites in this collection. I’ve never done wool coats and suits before so that´s maybe the freshest element for me personally. I also love the long flowy dresses for christmas.

How is it to work and live as a designer in Reykjavik Iceland?

It´s good and bad, you are quite isolated here but on the other hand you can make incredible things happen. There is this creative energy that has really no boundaries and people are really helpful, we help each other out to make things happen.

If you could choose one person to wear your design who would it be and why?

This fall a big dream came true when I dressed Björk for her performance at Royal Albert hall, that was amazing.

But I love both Beyonce and Rihanna, I would love to dress those power-babes.

And last but not least, where can I buy your designs?

In Kiosk, Laugavegii 65 Reykjavik

and also on hilduryeoman.com


5 quick questions

Coffee or Tea? Tea

Champagne or Vodka? Champagne

David Bowie or Beyonce? No way, these are my 2 favourite artists.

Vinyl or Spotify? Spotify

Fling or Bling?  Bling, girl just got married ;)


Hildur Yeoman’s favorites in Reykjavik.

Wine and dine? Snaps

Dance? Pablo disco bar

Coffee? Kaffi Mokka for hot chocolate

Shopping? Kiosk on Laugavegur 65


Instagram: www.instagram.com/hilduryeoman

Website: www.hilduryeoman.com