Blood Ties- Editorial

I went back to London the other day and made this editorial with an amazing group of talented people. The concept of using twins was way to perfect and the outcome was Blood Ties.

Photographer: Hildur Guðrún Ágústsdóttir (

Stylist: Rakel Unnur Thorlacius

Styling Assistants: Kinga Skiba and Esther Adeniyi

MUA: Snowkei Lan Coulthard

MUA Assistant: Tom Fraser

Hair: Asahi Sano

Models: Inka & Neele Hoeper from M&P Models (

Photo 1- Model 1- Shirt- Sabinna, Skirt- Wesley Harriott. Model 2- Shirt- Sabinna, Dress- Sabinna, Trousers- Xu Zhi, Shoes- Stylist´s Own.

Photo 2- Model 1- Top- Hanger, Dress- Wythe Bea. Model 2- Top- Angel Chen, Skirt- Wesley Harriott, Trousers- Hanger.

Photo 3- Model 1 and 2- Shirts- Angel Chen.

Photo 4- Model 1- Top- Angel Chen, Trousers- Shao Yen. Model 2- Top- Angel Chen, Skirt- RUN.

Photo 5- Top- Angel Chen.

Photo 6- Model 1- Jumpsuit- Hanger, Hat- Lazy Oaf. Model 2- Jacket- Minnan Hui, Dress- Nicola Brindle.

Photo 7- Jumpsuit- Hanger, Hat- Lazy Oaf, Shoes- Stylist´s Own.

Photo 8- Top- Angel Chen, Skirt- Wesley Harriott, Trousers- Hanger, Shoes- Stylist´s Own.