Beau Homme A/W 17 Lookbook

Beau Homme has showcased this season their A/W 17 collection ´Imagined Futures Yesterday´ at recently finished London Fashion Week Men´s in the British Fashion Council´s designer showroom.

It is a menswear brand from London, created by design duo Justin Mansfield and George Bunker, founded in 2012. Since their initial meeting, the pair has worked in tandem to investigate garment construction and to establish a distinctive, contemporary menswear aesthetic.

So tell me the story behind the designer duo, Beau Homme?

The journey for BEAU HOMME began when Justin and I established a label intent on reviving the concepts and work of The Futurists and The Mens Dress Reform Party. The Futurists, an artistic movement of the early 20th century, emphasised and glorified themes of speed and technology. One of the groups members, Balla, wrote a The Manifesto on Menswear. The document was a dynamic exhortation to dispense with the mundanity of everyday menswear in favour of expressive clothing. Later in the century, dating from 1929 until 1940, The Mens Dress Reform Party was a group of British Gentleman who advocated for more beautiful and comfortable clothing. By shedding their requisite suiting, stiff collars and neckties, the group paraded in bright, casual leisure attire in protest their sartorial limitations. BEAU HOMME was founded to expand upon our predecessors intentions.

Beau Homme is the french meaning of Beautiful Men, would you say that your collections bring out the best in men?

BEAU HOMME is incorrect French. As adjectives change in front of a vowel or mute H in French, the correct expression would be “Bel Homme”. We were fully aware of this perceived fault from the beginning. BEAU HOMME is tribute to Beau Brumell (noted as being the first dandy) and also to acknowledges the brand essence as an English-based brand exploring possibilities, fearless of making mistakes along the way. Men continue to be denied the wide variety of stylistic choices afforded to their female counterparts. The male is afforded a narrow range to express the multitudes of being and personas inhabiting an individual. BEAU HOMME provides a wardrobe allowing men the opportunity to self-actualise beyond prevailing, prescribed archetypes.

Is London a good place for upcoming designers?

Yes… probably the the best.

What is the main inspiration for your A/W 17 collection?

The BEAU Homme AW17 collection is titled “Imagined Futures Yesterday.” The collection blends utilitarian military influence with an eccentric sophisticated individualism. Traditional forms are broken down and reimagined and reconfigured; a theme illustrated by an recurring atom motif. The humble atom, the building block of all matter, serves as an emblem for experimentation. As visual language becomes dominant and knowledge deemed ineffectual by Google, curiosity and awe must not be make redundant. There are invisible worlds and undiscovered territories to be investigated. Curiosity is to be celebrated, swimming against the media fatigue and intellectual vilification permeating popular culture. The collection takes the logical modes of dress and infuses them with a dose of the ingenious. Conventions are twisted just enough to evoke interest and amusement. Like a mad-cap scientist, the AW17 lineup aspires to understand the world and to then test the possibilities.

Any advice for young designers?

When planning, multiply your initial estimations of time and budget by 3. You’ll come up with a far more accurate. Everything takes more time and money than you ever think it would.

Beau Homme  recently launched their UK web shop where their designs are available to buy now at: