VEGA´S Chosen Ones- DAVID44

It´s that time of year again and VEGA has chosen the six Danish artist that will go far in 2017. The past seven years VEGA has made us happy every January with fresh new sounds. This year, on the 26th and 27th of January School of X, Emil Kruse, Irah, DAVID44, Slowes and Nanna.B  will perform in Aarhus and at VEGA in Copenhagen.

David behind the moniker DAVID44 is actually Icelandic and is living up to some serious hype following the hit singles Run” and Talk“.

Tell me about your artist name, why DAVID44?

It was important to me that the name would represent me and where I come from, while still being unique. David’s obviously my first name, and Iceland formally became a republic in 1944.

How does it feel to be one of Vegas udvalgte/ the chosen ones? Any pressure? 

It feels really amazing. I seriously feel no pressure. At least not in a bad way. They really honestly believe in me, and I do too, so its all about enjoying it. Right now I’m just really focussed and preparing an amazing concert.

What´s the plan for 2017? 

The plan is to make quality songs and concerts. Really focus on my material, and keep doing what I’m doing and be patient. What exactly will happen in 2017 is unclear to me, but I’m really confident in the people I have around me, and the new material, so I’m sure 2017 will be a big year for me.

Remember to get your tickets to witness the future of 2017:

VEGA´s chosen ones pictures shot by Petra Kleis.