Wallpaper Artist- Angela Groundwater

Angela grew up in a quiet Melbourne 1970′s suburbia. By her teens, Angela escaped into a colourful Melbourne nightlife – eventually finding herself in London where, surrounded by her early love of concrete and crowds, she was motivated to find a voice for her inspirations.

After graduating, Angela’s love of grey chaos had her back in London where, for some 10 years, she found herself in film post production. Throughout her film career, Angela worked on films from Harry Potter and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, to V for Vendetta.

Wanting to articulate visually her ideas but dissatisfied with computer as medium she returned to the tactile nature of pencil. Angela soon realised that wallpaper was the perfect vehicle – a narrative hidden in pattern.

Since 2012, Angela has been drawing and designing wallpaper in East London. Such beautiful wallpapers that you would love to cover all of your walls.

Who is Angela Groundwater?

I am a person that has always needed a project; something to escape into but that also explores what I’m escaping from – something to help me make sense of the world. Without that, I feel lost. I am also a mother and without my girlies, I would be lost also.

Growing up in Melbourne, what made you move all the way to London? 

Melbourne was comfortable; almost a sanitised white middle-class. There is a lot of great art coming from Melbourne but, to be inspired, I need to be up close to life in all its forms – squashed into the colourful melting pot.

Living on a boat, in the city, with the horizon of the river Thames, you must have gotten so inspired?

Definitely. I mostly loved the rainy days of drops reverberating through our metal roof and the vast silver grey of the sky seamlessly blending into the water and our surroundings. It was magical.

What made you decide that you wanted to design wallpaper? 

Having trained in traditional animation and then after working in film post-production, I became frustrated by the computer screen as a medium and film/TV screen as output… I wanted to tell stories but I didn’t want to move into Fine Art exactly. I wanted something more subtle. For me, wallpaper is the perfect vehicle – a narrative hidden in pattern. I love the domesticity and everydayness of wallpaper – the idea that it should be lived with.

Tell me about your favourite wallpaper that you’ve created?

I think my favourite is Barbican Walk. It has all the ingredients that inspired and frightened me as a child. Utopian fantasies which tie in for me with an old idea of science fiction so then, of course, I added aliens.

It is not a common thing to be a wallpaper designer. Do you have any advice for other people out there that want to pursue a similar career?

I have always loved patterns and interiors but it is a saturated market. I would never have become a wallpaper designer if it didn’t seem the perfect medium/vehicle for me to tell stories – in which case, I don’t think it matters how saturated the market is if you have something you need to express, something that just might be unique, that adds something different.