Re.Imagine X Future Designers

Re.Imagine is a new label developed in the heart of Copenhagen. Creatively based around fighting the worlds waste issues through design and modern fashion. Behind the brand are two ladies Michelle Bjerregaard and Brittany Malvino which decided to collaborate with The Red Cross due to the opportunities within recycling already existing resources. That collaboration will be showcased at POP-UP Copenhagen, Monday the 30th of January from 4pm-8pm.

Tell me about the aesthetics of your brand Re.Imagine?

Our main interest at Re.Imagine is to create modern street-wear designs, which are sustainable, and interest people who have a sporty vibe. All our products we create are one of a kind and developed with intentions of being unique. Through our designs, we as well like to use a balance between our own forms of craftsmanship and modern silhouette styles of kimonos, bomber jackets, and backpacks. Our aesthetics are surrounded by risk taking products, which challenge the current norms of sustainability! Through our designs, we want to make sustainability cool and show that creativity has no limits. Our main material comes from discarded denim jeans. We have chosen to use this as our main supply, due to the high amount of resources tied with denim, the color scheme, and possibilities. As a result of this, we create designs embodying different shades of blue, with pops of color, in various forms of patchwork.

You are collaborating with The Red Cross nowadays, before that collaboration where did you source your fabric? 

Before we began this collaboration, we sourced our materials in the Copenhagen area. From the start, we have had an interest in the method of redesign and the possibilities it holds. Through our sourcing, we have found that there is a large supply of discarded clothing all around the world. Through our collections, we have found that there is a possibility to extend the life of these existing products and use them towards new creations.

Is recycling clothes the future? 

Waste is a huge issue for the current fashion industry. As collections increase in size and the speed of the industry quickens, we are now seeing fashion today becoming expendable, instead of valued. This pattern has thus resulted in a high accumulation of textile waste, offering a great opportunity for designers to use material that already exists, instead of adding further to the mix. We believe that right now using what we have is a great solution to solving planet waste issues. By sourcing from already existing products, not only are we making use of discarded clothing, but giving these products new life and prolonging the water, crops, and labor it took to create the original design. Recycling clothing from a creative standpoint also holds great opportunity and value. Through the process of redesign, your material becomes the initial inspiration and path towards your final result! Based on what you have, opens the doors to wonderful possibilities which could never occur if you only worked from brand new textiles. Through this method of design, we are able to expand our creative possibilities and prolong the life of discarded clothing through the creation of new modern designs.

Re.Imagines second collection is made in collaboration with 11 new design talents, did they all participate in making the collection? 

Our second collection and collaboration is called Re.Imagine X Future Designers. In collaboration with Michelle and Brittany, the creators behind Re.Imagine, they created this collaboration to shine light on new sustainable design talent. The collection has been equally created and designed by all 13 designers. Through Re.Imagines aesthetic interests and the use of discarded denim jeans as our main material, we developed a collection of cohesion and sporty creations, showing that sustainability can be cool and stylish. Since this collection was created to shine light on each individual designer, we wanted all to find their own inspiration for their designs and create through their own unique inspiration. This collaboration has been a wonderful project and has lead to an outcome, which never could of happened if we were not so many creative minds on the team.

We´re looking forward seeing the collection at your Pop- Up event. Tell us a little bit about the event?  

Our event is taking place at POP-UP Copenhagen Teglgårdstræde 7A-7B DK-1452 C. The event we are having is an exhibition and selling event. At the event we will have designs on display with descriptions individually written from each designer describing their background, inspiration, and who they are. There will also be products for sale to raise money for the Red Cross. All products at the event are sustainable and have been created through the method of redesign. The event is a fresh take on fashion, to show that designing from a sustainable perspective can be modern. Not only will be have designs on display, but music and free drinks to create a cozy atmosphere!

Photography by: Simon Zarlang (

Makeup by Bella Poulsen.