London Fashion Week- Alexandra Moura AW17

Alexandra Moura´s collection rocked my world this season of London Fashion Week. A leading Portuguese designer with a truly collaborative spirit, has been recognised for her romanticised deconstructed silhouette.

Alexandra Moura AW17 ´´Here and There´´ looks to build a stronger connection with nature and ancestral origins. Drawing its inspiration from the Portuguese empire in the XVIII century, and its presence in East Timor, reaching up to Indonesia. Forever fascinated by distant cultures and identity, Alexandra Moura manages to find the historical period of the Portuguese expansion a romantic heritage that distinguishes the country to this day. The signature ´deconstruction´ of Moura´s contemporary pieces borrows subtle details from ethnic clothing and European romanticism.

The rich colour palette ranges from darker tones of ochre and brown agains contrasting light blues, vibrant yellows and accents of gold.  Combined with bold volumed silhouettes for the contemporary eye.

Stylist: Kalina Pulit

Hair: Corrado Tevere & Radio Hair Saloon

Make up: Verity Cumming

Front of House Photography: Rebecca Maynes