Lapidarium S/S 17 Collection

Lapidarium is a young label specializing in a sustainable, but exciting approach towards fashion. The main story around each Lapidarium collection centres around the fabrics and their sustainable and mindful sourcing. With the designers experimenting with textile waste and recycling ideas working on zero-waste production makes the future in fashion shine brighter.

Lapidarium’s second collection MANIFA, came as a protest against stricter abortion law in Poland proposed by the current Polish government in 2016. Many women went on strike, most notably during so called Black Monday in October 2016, which in the end resulted in the existing legislation being retained while the new, stricter amendment to the law was rejected. The collection contains symbols and metaphors that are visible in embroidered and printed badges, designed by Edgar Bak Studio from Warsaw (, which can be translated from Polish as ‘Women rights’ or ‘My body, my choice. Another obvious influence is from the badass female racing drivers from the 70s and 80s.