Vök releases Figure

Finally it´s here! Vök releases their new album Figure and as a plus we get to see a new music video to the single BTO. Since their latest album was released in 2015 I have been waiting for more. With singles like Show Me, Breaking Bones and Crime you will have this album on repeat. So guys…

Tell us about the making of Figure?

The making of the album spans a long time. The oldest song on it is actually written in 2013, so it’s taken quite a while. Most of the original writing/demoing took place during spring/summer 2016. Then late summer 16 we met up with Brett Cox, for the first time – The producer of the album. We flew out to London to record the first song, “Show Me” and we felt it right away that working with him was amazing. We knew we had a good thing going. It was a really dynamic collaboration. After that we flew him in to Iceland two times, and he stayed for a couple of weeks each time. Then the actual work started – Long days and nights at Einar’s home studio, a lot of experimenting and a lot of coffee. We also shuffled around a couple of other studios in Reykjavík to record specific things. We even went to a famous hostel called KEX to record this really old piano. The songs all changed a lot during that time. We really experimented and tried a bunch of new things we hadn’t done before and that really delivers into the final product. The sound on the album is a lot more organic opposed to our previous releases that were more digital sounding. The finishing touches – mixing and mastering took place in November and December last year so it’s been ready for a couple of months now so we’re all really excited about FINALLY getting it out there.

Where does the title of the album come from?

The title comes from the title track, Figure. Figure is actually the newest song that made it to the album and there’s just something about that song that we all love. It’s really cool that the word itself – Figure, can mean so many different things and can be used in numerous different contexts. It can mean a number, a body type and a creature for instance. You figure out things and you use a certain figure of speech and so on and so on. The album cover also comes from the word. We wanted to make this one figure out of all of us and we couldn’t be more happy with the way it came out. Shoutouts to Rakel Tómasdóttir!

What is the most amazing song on the album? 

Again, Figure is probably our favourite song of the album, and that probably also plays a part in why we chose that song as the title track. We think it really sums up the “Vök sound” and the whole sound and vibe of the album. It just takes you to this other place ’cause it has this futuristic – android – space kind a vibe to it. We even played around with some Kanye-like autotune on the vocals and it turned out fucking awesome.

Mention a few good things of being an Icelandic band? 

First of all the music scene in Iceland is such a friendly and collaborative environment. It’s very common that Icelandic musicians are members of numerous bands and everybody is willing to help you out and give you good advice.  Bad competitiveness, beefs and grudges are not to bee seen in the Icelandic music scene. If you have any of that, you’re an asshole, the word spreads fast and nobody wants to work with you. Second of all, being from Iceland is a huge advantage when it comes to getting the music out there. Iceland is a popular place right now and has been for the last ten years. The Icelandic travel industry has been growing a lot and awareness of Icelandic arts has been growing too. That plays a huge part in where we’re at as band right now.

What does the future hold for Vök? 

World domination!