Cross My Heart and Hope to Die- Editorial

Cross my Heart and Hope to Die is the story of a friendship which was shot on a beautiful Copenhagen day. Thanks to an amazing team of talents.

Stylist: Rakel Unnur Thorlacius

Photographer: Ida-Marie Fiskaa

MUA and hair: Cecilie Andersen

Models: Amalie Borch from Scoop Models and Tatiana from Le Management. 

Photo 1- Model 1- Top- Jenny Hirvonen, Dress- Monki– Model 2- Shirt- Jenny Hirvonen.

Photo 2- Model 1- Dress- Won Hundred, Skirt- Sofie Rosenkrands, Socks- Henrik Vibskov, Shoes- Fila, Necklace- Monki– Model 2- Jacket- Sofie Rosenkrands, Dress- Munthe, Socks- Munthe, Shoes- Simone Schmidt.

Photo 3- Top- Won Hundred, Scarf- Stylist´s own.

Photo 4- Sweater- Jenny Hirvonen, Earrings-Sofie Rosenkrands.

Photo 5- Jacket- Agurk, Trousers- Lala Berlin, Shoes- Jenny Hirvonen.

Photo 6- Top- Simone Schmidt.

Photo 7- Model 1- Top- Jenny Hirvonen, Dress- Monki. Model 2- Shirt- Jenny Hirvonen.

Photo 8- Jacket- Agurk

Photo 9- Top- Weekday, Dress-Monki, Trousers- Jenny Hirvonen, Earrings- Sofie Rosenkrands, Shoes- Simone Schmidt.

Photo 10- Sweater- Jenny Hirvonen, Trousers- Lala Berlin, Earrings- Sofie Rosenkrands.