The amazing jewelry designer Maria Black has teamed up with supermodel Maria Palm with their collection “The Disruption.” The campaign has a raw, intimate feel and the concept behind the campaign was to show the everyday life of a real person. The campaign was shot by Maria Palm’s boyfriend, Nikolaj Møller.

“I love the look of Maria Palm. I pitched the idea and told them they would have full freedom. They are a real life couple and I felt Nikolaj could capture an intimacy with Maria that others wouldn’t be able to… They shot in between going about their daily life [and] Maria wore her own clothes, wore no makeup and natural hair. She looks so fragile and strong at the same time and she wore the jewellery like a street queen. Nikolaj doesn’t come from a fashion background as a photographer so his take is quite refreshing. I love the grainy quality to the pictures.” Says designer Maria Black.

It’s a really cool collection, and I especially like the gold Disrupted hoop earring which you can wear both back and front. Perfect with an oversized hoodie or your favorite party dress.

Don´t forget check out the photos above!

Read more about the collaboration HERE!