The Gentlemen of Secret Solstice- Kalli from Skrattar

Bast met up with another Gentlemen of Secret Solstice. It is Kalli from the band Skrattar. This guy is radiating of coolness! Skrattar is a quite new band with very experienced musicians which are making badass songs that make you want to put up your sunglasses and stay cool. I really like their sound and can’t wait to experience them live. So Kalli let’s do the Secret Solstice talk…

What are the highs and the lows of being a musician from Iceland?

The highs I would say if your lucky like me is that there is a very collective mindset. The lows are that I feel like there are a lot of bands that have very good potential but their not all in. Don’t just stand there kid, you know. Don’t be shy. I call it the Icelandic syndrome.

Your biggest influencer in music when growing up? My mom listened to alot of music when I was a kid. The Pulp Fiction soundtrack is my earliest influence. There was a lot of Tom Waits, Hank Williams, Portishead, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan and many more. In my early teens the numetal thing was blooming. Later on when I was around 13 hardcore punk had a huge impact on me. In my late teens I was all over the place. I was listening to HipHop, electro, punk. The list goes on and on. It all kind of changed when I saw Dirty Beaches live in 2012. Thats when I started fucking around with the ideas that ended with me creating Skrattar with Gulli (Russian.girls/Fufanu). He is also very active in sending me music and showing me new stuff. Dudes a goldmine.

Your favourite Icelandic band/musician and tell me why? Kuldaboli is my current favorite artist from Iceland. We have been very close friends for almost 10 years now and have worked alot together in music. He released his debut album (Vafasamur lífstíll 2015-2016) in late 2016. Believe me, there are only hits. No fillers.

One amazing advice you can give to young musicians? Fuck up.

Any performances you are not going to miss at Secret Solstice this year? Im a very much of a wanderer when it comes to big festivals. I´ll probably go and wee Foo Fighters, Gísli Pálmi, Alvia Islandia, Högni, Lord Pusswhip. You’ll probably find me in the Techno tent. boomboomboom.

Any advice for the Secret Solstice goers? Don’t ever trust the weather, but always bring shades.

Secret Solstice is over the weekend 15th-18th of June. Make sure to get your tickets here:

Pictures by Óli Magg for Bast Magazine: