The Gentlemen of Secret Solstice- Gauti from Emmsjé Gauti

We have yet another Gentlemen to have a conversation with. It is Gauti from Emmsjé Gauti. The man that is conquering Iceland and (almost) won all of the awards at this year’s Icelandic Music Awards (if he would write classical music also he would have won that price too!). With catchy tunes like Reykjavík, Silfurskotta and Strákarnir he’s about to conquer the world. So Gauti…. let’s do the Solstice talk.

What are the highs and the lows of being a musician from Iceland?

Everything is a phone call away if you know where to look. Easy access to media. Easy access to venues too. The lows are that this is a really small market if you are not heading overseas. You really have to put in some hard work if you want to do this for a living. Maybe it’s not a low at all?

Your biggest influencer in music when growing up?

This is a hard one. XXX Rottweiler had a huge influence on me because they made it clear that rapping in Icelandic was a possibility.

Your favourite Icelandic band/musician and tell me why?

Moses Hightower is my favorite band at the moment. They just make me feel sooooo good when I put on their records.

One amazing advice you can give to young musicians?

Don’t be scared to criticize yourself. Listen to constructive criticism. Play as many shows as you can. Conquer YOUR world.

Any performances you are not going to miss at Secret Solstice this year?

The lineup is crazy this year. I’m most excited to see Rick Ro$$ the BOSS, Prodigy and one of my favorite rappers of all time, Big Sean.

Any advice for the Secret Solstice goers?

Show up early and try to catch as many shows as you can.

Secret Solstice is over the weekend 15th-18th of June. Make sure to get your tickets here:

Pictures by Óli Magg for Bast Magazine: