How was Northside Festival 2017?

How was Northside this year?

It´s a festival filled with the best of the best Danish artists that are walking on this ground now, located in Aarhus which is Denmark´s second largest city. Yes it could have been amazing without the constant rain, but people didn´t seem to mind the rain and the mud and had the best time in the world.

This festival couldn´t have started out better with Run The Jewels, the American hip hop supergroup that had the audience on their side. Saveus known by the name Martin is a Danish singer who got known by winning the first Danish series of The X Factor by the age of only fifteen, he is seriously making an impact on Denmark. The superlady MØ never seem to disappoint anybody with her amazingly catchy tunes and flawless kickass performance. The man that showed up, Mister Frank Ocean delivered an unearthly experience. To witness Blonde live is something nobody can take away from you, absolutely stunning.

IAMJJ set things in motion on Saturday. This Danish musician has got the most unique voice you´ll ever experience. Lets see what the future holds for him, it´s going to be something big. From the Danish Johnny Cash to the modern Courtney Love it´s The Kills, the rockstars. Phlake the Danish R&B artist soothed everybody with his soft voice and sexy beats. Jumping between Danish artists the band Lightwave Empire is a cool indie/pop band worth checking out. The Verve´s frontman Richard Ashcroft completed my Saturday afternoon coffee with Sonnet and Bitter Sweet Symphony. Experiencing one of the most popular singers of Denmark Thomas Helmig was obviously why people attend festivals in the first place. This 80´s legend has got the hearts of Denmark. Travelling from the 80´s to modern times CHINAH is the perfect example of how to do it. The Prodigy ended the night perfectly with all of their nostalgic tunes that brought me back in front of the TV screen watching MTV at the age of 10.

The last day but not the least brought to us The 1975. Their album, I like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful and yet so unaware of it, released in 2016 was one of my favourite from last year. The oh so pretty Matt Healy knows how to mesmerize the ladies. Northside Festival ended magically with Radiohead stepping on stage. It was a very rainy night but Radiohead of course managed to warm you up inside by getting into the zone with Thom Yorke´s voice inside your head.

Team Bast can´t wait for next year! Thank you for having us Northside Festival.

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