Stina Resting – “What can be wrapped, can be unwrapped”

Stina Resting is a Danish fashion designer who recently graduated from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts (KADK) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Here graduation collection is both conceptual and commercial and the main inspiration comes from a series of photographs Stina took over a couple of years.

We wrap our bodies in clothes with different shapes and meanings. What can be wrapped, can be unwrapped.” Stina explains to Bast.

Her collection is mysterious but jet wearable with an eye for the finest detail. Bast magazine had the change to have a little chat with Stina about her new collection, wrapping and of course champagne.

Tell us about the theme and inspiration behind your graduation collection.

The collection is both conceptual and commercial. The inspiration comes from a series of photographs I took over a couple of years. The photos are of observed street objects like a motorcycle or a traffic sign wrapped in plastic and tape. They had a sense of something mysterious that lured me in. I wanted to understand this phenomenon further. It inspired me to look at the body and clothing as an act of wrapping. We wrap our bodies in clothes with different shapes and meanings. “What can be wrapped, can be unwrapped”. This dynamic interests me. It gives clothing its magic touch and playful changeability. Through clothes we are playing with the concealing or revealing of our bodies as well as identities. It is a magical game of shaping ourselves and our bodies through the attraction and attention of others.

Can you describe the process from when you get the idea until a complete garment?

An idea is to me always the accumulation of a longer process. For this collection there had gone some years of just taking photos of wrapped objects in the streets, until ideas for garments started appearing. When I made the connection to understand wrapping in the context of the body and clothing, my mind spiraled down many references in clothing history. In the research I would see links to silhouettes and techniques that to me was addressing the concept of wrapping. How we either model, present, or over form the body through garments. The study of wrapping as a concept led me to some general principles for the design process, like ‘hiding’ or ‘revealing’, ‘tight’ or ‘oversize’ etc. From there on I did several textile experiments, sketched, and developed the collection intuitively. I played with references to the kimono’s wrapped closure and oversize, squared silhouette. I intentionally designed wholes or openings in the garments to attract the attention of the perceiver to the body underneath. This was in order to engage the perceiver in the act of wrapping. Let her feel the magic of clothes so to speak.

Do you have a favourite style from the collection?

Sure! It was a real joy to puzzle the undone pieces of second hand, black denim jeans into new garments. I obviously liked the idea of recycling the materials, but I loved to observe a new aesthetic arise from them. I recycled the jeans into a work wear inspired outfit consisting of a kimono-like blouse, a corsage on top of it, and underneath a pair of over-detailed baggy jeans – all styles with contrast white topstitching. The pants are my favorite style – with belts, frills, embroidered wholes, raw and fringy edges, and lots of pockets.

If you could choose one person to wear your design who would it be and why?

I have always had a thing for Charlotte Gainsbourg. Her raw beauty would go very well with my feminine, sporty, and sculptural designs, I believe.

And last but not least, where can I buy your designs?

The collection is still partly on display at the KADK graduation exhibition and will soon be shown during the Copenhagen Fashion Week at CIFF at the graduation show ‘La Grande Finale’. From August I am starting up my studio in Copenhagen and from there I will be taking in requests and new projects. For buying please send an email. Stylists, photographers, and retailers are more than welcome to get in touch and visit the studio.


5 quick questions:

Coffee or Tea? Coffee in the morning, tea in the evening.

Champagne or Vodka? Always bubbles! Although I would never miss a good shot of Russian cocaine.

David Bowie or Beyoncé? Let’s dance!

Vinyl or Spotify? The romantic in me is dreaming of the vinyl – But in reality I get my beats online.

Fling or Bling? I am a good old-fashioned (blingy) material girl. Plus I like shiny things.


Stina’s favorites in Copenhagen

Wine and dine? I have a thing for Kontiki bar. Best sun set view, dangerously good drinks, and the loveliest owners behind it.

Dance? Private parties are the best. Bare feet dance floors preferred!

Coffee? An americano at my local coffee place, Røde Rose, please.

Shopping? I have a strong urge for second hand clothing from both high and low shops. For new designs I love to go to Sabine Poupinel and browse to get a good air of magic and craft.


Instagram: @stinaresting #stinaresting #finalwrap2017

Website: +  


Photos: Ida Fiskaa

Clothes & Styling: Stina Resting

Model: Emilie Ekholm Axters

Make up & Hair: Emilie Aagaard Andreasen

Location: Living in Light / BOX

Show info:

Future of Fashion 2017 - La Grande Finale

KADK + Kolding graduation show

Wednesday 9th of August at 11-12 a.m. at CIFF in Bella Centret

(print orange invitation) –  Check out the event on FB HERE!