Jens Lekman – What’s That Perfume That You Wear?

This song smells so good!

Directed, Photographed, and Edited by Christopher Good
Produced by Andreina Byrne
Styled by Sinjun Strom

Costume Design by Brock Bryan
Choreography by Kristopher Estes-Brown
Production Design by Andreina Byrne
Fabrication by Anthony Putzier
Grip: Brandon Nemeth
Production Assistant: Leea Lee
Visual Effects: Eric Bacus

Dancers: Dena’h Gregory, Cassie Wang, Kristopher Estes-Brown

Starring: Jens Lekman, Andreina Byrne, Garrett Sprague, Aaron Braun, Bryan Koehler, Clint Martens, Uvone Powell, Jillian Gotfredson, Lawrence Burger, Brock Bryan, Leea Lee