Viviane Sassen – LARVAE

I went to the Stockholm Photography Museum, Fotografiska, last weekend and was very intrigued and inspired by an exhibition featuring the work of Viviane Sassen, and especially her collection called LARVAE.

Sassen’s installation, LARVAE, is an associative translation of the archetype of the Shadow as explained in the writings of psychoanalyst Carl Jung. According to Jung, each of us has a dark side to our conscious or unconscious mind. This “shadow side” is the repository of things that embarrass or frighten us, ad which we would rather conceal. The images in this series tend to refer to corporeal and sexual aspects of the psyche; they allude in a poetic and associative way to things like our primal urges ad animal passions: the blind larvae within us.

Be sure to check the exhibition out if you are in Stockholm! It is running until the 12th of November.

All images and more work from SassenĀ here.

Sassens inspiring instagram feed.

Description text from the exhibition.