Eastern Inspiration x Fashion Film at CPH Culture Night

Fashion Design x Islamic Art

The David Collection in Copenhagen has invited MA Fashion Design students from The Royal Academy of Fine Art to exhibit and showcase at the museum during the Culture Night on Friday, 13th of October.

Inspired by the collection of Islamic art the students will present contemporary fashion designs which will be on display in the exhibition space during the Culture Night 2017 and the following week.

Fashion Design x Production Design

Additionally this exhibition will showcase the work of the MA Fashion Design and MA Production Design students collaborating on short fashion films. The fashion designs inspired by the Islamic Art collection will play a central part in the films – resulting in 11 very different short films interpreting the hybrid genre of Fashion Film.

The films will premiere at the Culture Night and loop during the night from 18-23 and you will need a Kulturnatten Pass to get in and be able to see the exhibition and say hi to the designers.

See the event here!