A.A.Spectrum Autumn 2017

A.A.Spectrum launched this fall their third collection of fantastic oversized tech-outerwear. A.A.Spectrum is a cross cultural collaboration between Copenhagen and Beijing and seeks to address the taboo often associated with producing and manufacturing garments in China by being proud and vocal about where their products come from. The collections are designed in Copenhagen by Elisabet Stamm who herself lived and worked in China for many years.

The collection focuses on functional wear and performance fabrics and uses environmentally certified down. Quality and finish are impeccable, resulting in garments that will last for a long long time and leave a minimal environmental footprint. The inspiration comes from both Chinese and Scandinavian outerwear cultures and Stamm is not afraid to express the Chinese influence, for example by using embroidery stating “Made in China” and using Chinese traditional motifs for print. The colours are right in point and the garments perfect for the cold that is slowly settling in day by day.

See more about the brand here.