VEGAs Chosen Ones 2018

The year starts again with the six names VEGA music venue has chosen that are very likely to play with your ears in the year 2018.

The names of this year are: Drew, Jada, Molina, Vera, Fugleflugten and TAN.

No single has been released but she is already on everybody´s lips in Denmark and have supported on stage both Alex Vargas and Dúné, its Drew. She describes her self as the love child of Banks and Taylor Swift meets Joan Baez.

So Drew….

How does it feel to be one of VEGA´s chosen ones? 

It’s always nice to be chosen for something, isn’t it? Vega is an amazing venue. They take music seriously so for them to have chosen me to play on this team is like being one of the cool kids.

How did your music career start? 

In a bedroom surrounded by barbies, teddies and other toys (all acting audience for an incredible playback performance of the ‘I will always love you’ cover by Whitney Houston.

Describe your music in 3 words?

Rock n’ Roll Pocahontas.

Your biggest inspiration when writing music? 

Sad people. People who annoy me. People I adore. I guess it’s more often an emotion or a situation where a complicated emotion reveals itself. That’s whats interesting to describe in a new way. Create some kind of clarity in all the chaos of human emotion. And last but not least, it’s nice to virtually win that hypothetical argument with your ex-boyfriend that you’ve only outlived in the shower.

Future plans?

I’m releasing my first single in February. Everything else is classified.

The show is on the 26th of January at Lille VEGA + Lounge, Enghavevej 40, 1674 København V at 20:30.

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