“Venus” the new collection by Hildur Yeoman

Hildur Yeoman is a designer from Iceland, an expert in the visual of patterns and fabric. She just released her collection “Venus” which is rocking everybody´s minds.

So Hildur….

Where does your inspiration from your new collection “Venus” come from? Venus is the goddess of love and fertility, she represents beauty and longing, light,fresh flowers and the excitement of spring. We work a lot with textiles and you can see those things in the prints.

What is the best thing about being a designer in Iceland? Working with my friends on various project is the best thing. Iceland is also very small so getting things done can happen quick and you get the sense here that nothing is impossible.

What is your favourite fabric? Right now I would say everything shiny.

Beyonce or Adele? Beyonce, I´m a huge fan!

Fluffy pink or white/black stripes? A bit of both :)

Cake or a muffin? Cake, especially the ones at Garðurinn in Reykjavík.

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