Wesley Harriott- SS18 collection

One of London´s most talented designer Wesley Harriott has done it once again with his outstanding SS18 collection. So….

Tell us about what influenced your SS18 collection?  The current collection is all about creating garments for a women who aspires. I was inspired by some of the youth I teach and there points of view on how they feel positioned by society. Their willingness to be brave and combat for what they want in life prompted me to create a collection that dresses the Wesley Harriott women as she fights forward to achieve.

Is London an inspiring city for a designer to live and work in? London is inspiring for me because it’s always been my home, it’s where I’m from. I come from an area of London that isn’t on a post card or a list of places to visit so I see this city differently and for me the city remains a constant part of my narrative and point of view. It’s a really special place to be.

Your collection embodies the strength and resilience of the female character, are there a lot of strong women around you? I grew up seeing women struggle and constantly demonstrate resilience and passion to progress and make a better life. For me the Wesley Harriott brand encompasses the spirit of those women throughout my life. I also take a lot of reference and inspiration from women in comics, anime and video games, so I spend most of my time immersed in a world where women are made of strength and power.

Plans for the future? There will be a new collection in September which I am excited about, I also will for the first time have pieces available for purchase directly via my online store rather than bespoke. Some really great stuff is coming, but I can’t quite say just yet. You’ll know when it happens for sure. I am excited.

Drake or Kanye West? Tyler the Creator

Coffee or Tea? Coffee makes me a much nicer person.

Mornings or evenings? I think I could be a morning person but my job keeps me up most nights so I will say evening person for sure!

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