What does being a man mean to you?

Career, university, relationships, social media all add up to the ever increasing pace of our lives. Like many millenials, we are sick of being pressured into traditional life patterns from previous generations.

We often find ourselves being overwhelmed with information and forgetting that life doesn’t have to be lined up like this. We don’t always have to end up with wife and two kids, breaking out in a cold sweat the minute our monthly bills arrive. There is another path to take.

The tension posed on us by society, not only on our actions but also on our feelings, appearance and gender, makes us question our life choices.

Simone Schmidt Adrian is a Danish fashion designer and a graduate from Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts. She finds inspiration for her designs in traditional craftmanship. She strives to challenge the ordinary conceptions of the body, playing around with the sensitive topic of femininity, masculinity and gender identities.

With this editorial we are diving into the term of ‘new masculinity’ which expands the sphere of male archetypes and raises the thought of what it means to be a man today. These photos showcase one of many ways, how one can perceive this emerging trend.

Photographer & Direction: Jan Slonka
Direction & Styling: El Muchova
Styling assistant: Sandra Sofie Mazur Petersen
Model: Adam Karup
Agency: Le Management
Styles: Wasteland and Simone Schmidt Adrian

Special thanks to Bara Barovska and Paula. </3