As we in Bast are always evolving and touching upon the theme of gender, it was a great pleasure to teamed up with Natalie Nepovimova, student and a fashion designer and create an editorial of her final thesis at KADK -The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. Lets see what she has to say.

I chose the name “genderqueer cult” which characterizes my view on fashion as a new genderless cult. By the word genderqueer I want to describe that it is about specific identity that falls anywhere between man/ boy/ male and woman/ girl/ female on the whole spectrum of gender identities.

It is a story about a new genderless cult. My personal narrative expression of duality in female and male power. It is about a space which fashion creates – a moment to live out our parallel reality. It is a mysterious observation of otherness, queerness, ankwardness, strangeness beauty. I was also inspired by Muxes who is commonly accepted third gender generation in Zapotec culture in Mexico and also the specific way of genderless dressing and communication through clothes in shamanistic cults.

My concept of working consists in a creative approach to fashion forms. I am trying to overlap in fashion art. When I design I work like a sculptor and observe the whole piece in contrast with human body. The draped sculptural designs are completed by second skin body which is made from soft nude jersey and nylons. . It’s like having both male and female energies on your body. I am trying to make something unspecified, where you can see some similarity with clothes garments but you cannot really say if it is menswear or womanswear and what type of garment it actually is.

I am proposing an experimental form, my narrative expression such as a gesture of turning away from a threat, not really as escapism but as a rejection and celebration of diversity. I want to make something as far from fast fashion as I can do.

The final forms look mutable, hybridized, mutantive, uncategorized, androgynous and powerfull. Looks are unisex and neutral, every piece is original, it doesn´t follow any season and trends.

Natalie Nepovimova / BA student of Academy of Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague 

Designer: Natalie Nepovimova
Pictures: Karolina Tamara Sikorska
Art Direction: Eliska Muchova
Model: Lucas Allermann
MUA: Yasmine Gigi
Special thanks to: Le Management