There is a certain point in your life, when you end up coming home from a club later than you were suppose to (especially when you should have stayed home at the first place). You dance, you have fun and keep pushing the hour of leave further and further. Eventually, you start forcing yourself, that having the last drinks is not such a great idea.

For Mercedes Benz Prague Fashion Week Spring Summer 19, Lukas Krnac, Vivien Babicova and Kristyna Coufalova are bringing us to their big ’80s disco party (or in their case – an AFTERPARTY).┬áThe three designers and students of University of Bata in Zlin joined their forces and created SS19 collection full of playfulness, sequin dresses in wide variety of colours and shapes, printed garments and tulle gowns in bright colours (violet levander and zaffre blue ruled the runway).

It all made sense when combined with Vivien Babicova’s gritty belt bags with golden details, over knee high socks in nude color, blurry ruby red lips and glitters all over model’s faces. It does not come as a surprise, that the models were holding a glass of an empty champagne on the runway. We love the collection and are ready to dance our feet off tonight!x

Ph Radek Ulehla for Bast Magazine