Arnar Már Jónsson- SS19

Being from Iceland and finishing Masters in Fashion Design in one of the best art school in London we´ve got our eyes on this guy. We had a little chat with him, one of our favourite designer Arnar Már Jónsson….

So tell us about your SS19 collection? The collection was very much designed as a pure proposal for a summer wardrobe, with each piece working in conjunction with each other. For example, the layering aspects of pieces like the bibs that are made as a perfect garment to wear in the summer when you do not want to wear just a T-shirt, or alternatively function in place of a bag when worn with the more outerwear pieces. As well as the blankets that we do every season in collaboration with an artist, this season we worked with the artist Oliver Dickson to create an abstract landscape print that can be worn in multiple ways. This way of designing allows us to involve the network/group to be involved in the design process.

Also you teamed up with 66°NORTH to make a collection for the World Cup what ideas did you have for that? I Just wanted to create a uniform for the fans that would allow you to good. Researching very Icelandic habits such as exaggeration and previous Iceland fan gear to inform the Design. With that I wanted to create garment you could also wear In the Icelandic Climate since it is always freezing and windy we used technical fabrics so you could wear it on the streets and at a match.

What is the difference being a Fashion Designer based in Iceland vs in London? There are a lot of differences. There is not really anything set up In Iceland to be a designer except grants which is of course great. However to start a brand you need more, like factories and all the people that can help you get to the next level is great in London. London is a great city to start a brand there are multiple ways to do it and London allows us to experiment but also having a lot of support. It is very difficult to start a brand and you need all the help you can get and London is perfect for that.

Does being from Iceland affect your aesthetics as a Fashion Designer? The Whole brand is Strongly inspired by the transition between the culture and climate of Iceland and London. “I would say that living and working in London has helped define the aesthetic in terms of it being designed for a person who lives in these two worlds the mix between nature and urban life working alongside Luke Stevens who is from there.” It allows for looking at both the culture and nature in Iceland from a distance providing a new perspective. “I have realised that a lot of things are not as mundane as I thought whilst living in Iceland, becoming more intriguing now. We take the fundamental elements of dressing for that harsh environment and appropriate it to urban living.” This sense of relocation and transition is not only geographic but also present within the materiality of the garments themselves; informing the merging of both sportswear and utilitarian design elements, garment ‘codes’, ways of wearing and approaches to functionality that form the basis of the brand’s innovative approach to cut and construction.

 Any upcoming exciting projects? We are always up to something but nothing in particular that is set in stone.

Check him out at here