Icelandic electro music at Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen

On the 12th of October, the Icelandic Embassy in Copenhagen and Hotel Cecil invite you to enjoy Icelandic electro music, when a great bunch of the best Icelandic electro musicians checks in at Hotel Cecil in Copenhagen.

The indie scene in Iceland has flourished for decades, but the electronic scene is still new but worthy to keep an eye on. Many of the performers this evening have previously been members of different and well-known bands, but there are also newcomers like Auður and Alvia. Alvia was nominated for “Nordisk Music Price” in 2018, and Auður is also about to breaking through on the Danish music scene. Mr. Silla and Team Dreams are both composed of former members of the famous band Múm, Sin Fang and the singer Soley. It will for sure be exciting to hear and see what the Icelandic musicians have to offer in the new composition.

The concerts will be held on the occasion of Iceland’s 100th anniversary celebration of Iceland’s Embassy in Copenhagen, in collaboration with UTON / IMX. # fullveldi1918

The event will give you a great new insight into the bubbly indie and electro scene from Iceland.

Check out the music from the musicians in the slider above.

Admission: 140kr + fee

For sale:

The doors open at. 19 // Concert start at. 20