Martin Asbjørn AW19- Backstage

Yet another season, our photographer Haakon Korbi turned his lens on the goings-on at the recent backstage of Martin Asbjorn’s AW19 collection. The show was introduced at the Old Danish Design Centre in Copenhagen, followed by youth buzzing around as soon as the door opened. While the people were treated with fizzy drinks, all the behind-the-scene saviours were trying to sort out the last bits before the show to help to bring the designers’ vision into reality.

The overall feeling of the collection brought up the vibe of a ‘new masculinity’. New masculinity expands the sphere of male archetypes to previously taboo topics and raises the cultural question of what it means to be a man today. That was implemented through choice of colours, shiny earrings and chinced waists, bringing a feminine touch to the table. Another thing to pin point is the styling. The models were sporting loose t-shirts, hoodies in contrast with classic elements: well fitted blazers and laminated slim fit trousers.

Following the high-profile positioned international designers, Asbjorn’s collection was beautifully conveyed intermix of casual wear with formal menswear, raising the ongoing cultural question of feminity and masculinity.

Words by Eliska Muchová