Morten Ussing AW19- Backstage

Morten Ussing show was scheduled as one of the first morning shows on a second day of Copenhagen Fashion Week AW19. Coffee in our hands, we arrived at d’Angleterre, recently renovated hotel in the heart of Copenhagen. The interaction between the surfaces, shapes and materials of the interior set a splendid and very luxurious vibe, prepping all the guest for the show. As the first beats of Deep Inside – a song from an Icelandic electronic band GusGus started, the room lights had been dimmed and models started walking down the runway.

Morten Ussing is known for artistic collections, with a clear and cohesive theme running through each one. This season, we could have seen silk and velour gowns with a cosmic prints, feminine silhouettes and see through dresses featuring stars and planets. Different shades of blue ruled the runway, but as the show continued, we could have seen also warm silky orange, turquoise and carnation pink glowy pieces, complimenting the whole galaxy vibe.

Words by Eliska Muchová

Pictures by Haakon Korbi